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Over the Hills & Far Away

Over the Hills & Far Away



Because books are expensive to produce, to post - and to buy - I will send you a goodwill copy of Over the Hills & Far Away if you order *any two other books* from this website.

(NB: applies to books only, not CDs)

Over the Hills & Far Away

  • Over the Hills & Far Away


    Published in 2006, Over the Hills & Far Away was a musical and personal landmark for me. At the time I wrote:


    “Over the Hills & Far Away is more than a collection of Border pipe tunes. The creative enthusiasm of The Border Bagpipe Book has been focussed through the lens of the William Dixon manuscript. New insights have combined with scholarship and forty-two years of music-making to bring you inspired and inspiring versions of some great tunes. I have asked questions of this music and, remarkably, it has given me answers.”


    Among the 42 tunes in Over the Hills & Far Away are several which feature on my various recordings, a handful rescued and/or upcycled from The Border Bagpipe Book (1993, out of print), and a good sprinkling of more highly developed versions of some favourites.


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